What Are We?

InstantCashPromoCodes is your very own self replicated automatic cash machine. Get paid $25 Instantly to your Peer-To-Peer accounts, over and over. You now have 10 different ways to earn Instant Commissions! The more you promote the more you earn. Plus you get promo codes for use on 80 different safelists, each site giving you a code for a 5 pack ad package. Use every one and thats  400 Solo Ads, 400 Banner Ads, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links...a $3,952.00 Retail Value.

InstantCashPromoCodes V2.0 Is Now A Mailer!

In this newer version (V2.0) of InstantCashPromoCodes, we now include a Viral Credit Mailer, Banner Ads, Text Links, Login Ads, and Sponsored Login Ads. Based on your Membership Type, you can mail 300, 1000, 1500, or even up to 2500 Members with your offers! We've also included 5 Super Solo Networks, which you can earn Instant Commissions, as well!

Membership Level





Can Email Every

3 Days

2 Days

1 Day

12 Hours

Can Email Extra Members Using Credits





Credits For Clicking Text Ads





Credits For Clicking Banners





Credits For Clicking Credit Emails





Credits For Clicking Solo Ads





Credits Earned Per Referral





Credits Earned On Signup










All For A One Time Cost Starting At Just $25.00
As simple as copy and pasting and you're on your way to huge earnings. Remember everything you sell, the money goes straight to your Peer-To-Peer accounts. We never touch your money! It's very simple to make a great income and get training, support, and oh yeah, did we mention all the great advertising you get to use? 400 Solo Ads, 400 Banner Ads, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links for $25

Even FREE Members Earn 50% INSTANT Commissions!

On a tight budget, and can't afford to spend $25 to receive full access to $3,952.00 in ad from our 80 Promo Codes? NO PROBLEM! You can still promote InstantCashPromoCodes and earn 50% INSTANT Commissions! You can even use our Mailer to send your ads out to 300 Members every 3 Days, just for being a FREE Member!
How It All Works For You!

As an InstantCashPromoCodes member, you'll want to join ALL 80 Safelists as quickly as possible so you can add YOUR Referral Links in the Downline Builder. As you join each site, you'll enter the Unique Promo Code we've created for that site to give you 5 Solo Ads, 5 Banners, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links. And how's this for an added bonus? Each site has an additional promo code for even more free advertising inside each member area. 

All you need to do is promote your InstantCashPromoCodes Referral Link and see how fast you can get your $25 payments rolling in straight to your 10 Peer-To-Peer accounts. Remember, this money goes straight to you, no one gets any part of it, not one single cent!

5-Pack of Ads Promo Codes for use at 80 different Safelists. This deal is so good I just have to tell you again. Thats 400 Solo Ads, 400 Banners, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links! A $3,952.00 Retail Value for a measly $25 one time purchase! Plus use of our Downline Builder and you can earn from multiple streams of income!
How Much Time Do I Need?
As little as 30 minutes a day placing ads to promote your InstantCashPromoCodes Referral Link. Then you too can start to enjoy seeing those $25 payment notifications over and over. INSTANT, DIRECT PAYMENTS to YOUR 10 Peer-To-Peer Accounts, DAILY! What are you waiting for? The sooner you signup, the sooner you can get your cash rolling in.


Multiple Streams Of Income!
From ORU Sign-ups, ICPC Sign-ups, and referrals from 80 different Safelists!
EVERY Internet Marketer NEEDS TRAFFIC! 
Imagine When Your Referrals Discover They Can Gain Access To $3,952.00 
In Ads For ONLY $25.00! Then Add That They Get Up To 100% INSTANT Commissions!

Your money back from your very first sale as an Elite/Founder Member, then its strictly profit. Earn $25 promoting your sales link. Plus earn referral commission from 80 Safelists when your referrals purchase an OTO, Login Offer, or a regular Site Ad! Your income earning potential is truly AMAZING!


How Do I Get Started?

Click on the Join Now button and create your account. Once you verify your email you receive immediate access to the members area. Get Started Minutes After You Sign Up. Folks, it doesn't get any easier than this. How much extra income do you want to earn? Promoting your sales link could easily you to earn unlimited income!
Does this work in my country?

InstantCashPromoCodes works globally.  We give you 10 Peer-To-Peer Payment Options. Depending on where you live, you might have access to just 1 Peer-To-Peer Payment Service, or up to all 10 Peer-To-Peer Payment Services. Once service, ORU Marketplace, is working on adding a Suite of Peer-To-Peer Options to help cover hundreds of Countries. So you're always going to have a resources to receive and withdraw your funds! Create a FREE InstantCashPromoCode account to learn more. 


So How much is all this really going to cost me?

A one time $25 charge to become a Gold Member, really, thats it! You'll receive instant access to ALL 80 Promo Codes, along with 50% INSTANT Commissions! If you wish to earn 75% Instant Commissions, you'll be shown an offer to upgrade to Platinum Member Status. Once you're a Platinum Member, you'll be provided a link where you can earn 100% Instant Commission as an Elite/Founder Member.


Are you another one of those Internet  SCAMMERS?
Absolutely NOT! Your getting real value for your money. If you were to purchase all 400 Solo Ads, 400 Banner Ads, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links individually, it would cost you $3,952.00! ALL 80 Safelists are owned and operated by Dave Mosher. Even if you don't take advantage of the cash generating opportunity you see here and just want the advertising, then thats alot of advertising for only a one-time $25 purchase. We are not MLM; We have one membership and All members have the same opportunity.

How long do I have to wait for my money?
You get paid instantly to your any of your 10 Peer-To-Peer accounts. You never have to wait, there is no minimum, and there is nobody to keep your money because no one ever touches your money. Get paid 24/7 instantly. Withdraw your funds ANY TIME from YOUR Peer-To-Peer Accounts!!

Is it really that simple to make money with InstantCashPromoCodes?
YES, it is! Just follow a few simple steps that you can find in the InstaCashPromoCodes members area and we provide everything you need to start. Every Marketer needs traffic! Giving away $3,952.00  in Promo Codes for just $25.00 couldn't be easier! InstantCashPromoCodes  truly provides a valuable service and anyone that wants to make extra money can take advantage of it. 

You've got to be kidding right? 
Simply put, join, promote and earn cash. Earn multiple $25 payments throughout the day by giving away 80 Safelist Promo Codes. To get started just create an account, pay your one-time $25 membership for using this website. You can start receiving $25 payments immediately by promoting your Referral Link! It’s so easy. Your Referrals send $25.00 directly to YOUR Peer-To-Peer account(s). 


Take A Look At ALL 80 Safelists Where You Receive A 5-Pack Promo Code...
We Make It Simple To Build Huge Downlines
From The Resources Listed Above!
Take Action Now! 


Spend as little as 30 Minutes A Day!
What will you do with all your free time? Spend about 30 minutes per day placing free online ads and start seeing the $25 cash payments come in. After all, you'll have 400 Solo Ads, 400 Banners, 400 Button Ads, and 400 Text Links to help you get your new venture off to a FAST START!


Yes, Practically Anyone Can Do It 
Join InstantCashPromoCodes and start making money your very first day.  Whether your just a beginner or a savvy internet marketer you too can realize the power of InstantCashPromoCodes and start making money today!


To your online success!

Dave Mosher - Owner/Admin


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